March 11
Vardeegnens Efterskole, Varde
March 13
Huset i Magstræde, København
March 26 Vostrup Efterskole, Vostrup
April 18
Von Hatten, Randers
April 22-25 Germany mini-tour
May 1 Rampelys, Silkeborg
May ??

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is a 5-piece band from Denmark, playing a unique twist of cabaret-music mixed with modern pop, swing and mysterious vibes.
Kabaret Sybarit is known for their energy-filled, theatrical live shows, and the band has already gained a cult-following in Denmark as well as acclaim from music-critics.
The group has managed to build up a tremendous history of live-experience, touring with a range of artists from Danish and international dark-cabaret scenes, such as Geoff Berner (CAN), BirdEatsBaby (UK), The Magnificent Seven (SWE), The Artems (DK) – among many others.
Currently, the group is about to release the first of a brand new set of songs – a single called: “The Poodle”, which is due in the beginning of 2015.
The music track is accompanied by a music-video, set in the surreal universe that is created by the interlocking song-lyrics.
“The Poodle” is part of a new repertoire, that the group has been working on for the past year, after a change of band members and a following decision to renew the entire sound and concept of the band, with a new, strong, female lead singer and new music with English lyrics.
Earlier on, in 2012-2013 Kabaret Sybarit released their debut-album “Akt 1: Rum Nr. 13” – a concept album, all in Danish, telling a story of love, war and decadence in the streets of Pigalle, Paris.
Now, with their new epic of songs, this time set in the City of Sybaris, Kabaret Sybarit is ready for take off, boasting with energy and expectation to present their new material to the public.


email: booking@kabaretsybarit.dk
phone: +45 28 91 59 58